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Shuei Wu Coupon
  • Where can I pre-order the coupons?
    You can leave a message for purchasing the relevant coupons via the Shuei Wu LINE customer service (ID:@swmall) when promotional packages are launched by the official website.
    It is recommended that you join our LINE group or subscribe to our newsletter when registering for your SWMALL online membership to follow our latest news and exclusive preferential offers.
  • Is there an expiration date for coupons bought from travel fairs or official websites?
    Accommodation and rest coupons: the coupon trust period is equivalent to the effective period of this promotional offer, and the amount shown on the coupon is equivalent to cash, which can still be redeemed on the spot if expired.
    Restaurant vouchers: no expiry date.
  • How do I request a return or refund?
    It is required that you provide the receipt, the original coupon and bank account for processing returns and refunds.
    1. Please join the Shuei Wu customer service at LINE ID:@swmall  👆
    2. Take a picture of your coupon and send it to our customer service via LINE so our service staff can contact you.
    3. Customer service: 04-22558678
    4. Service hours: weekdays from 09:00 to 17:00