Shuei Wu SWMALL Enterprise Group


【Q&A】Shuei Wu - Restaurant
  • Is there a parking lot at all your restaurants?
    • Shuei Wu - Chongde RestaurantSpecial contract parking space
    • Shueiwu Inaba Japanese CuisineFree parking lot
    • Orient Dragon Restaurant Free parking lot
    Special contract parking space: one hour free parking for every NTD 450 spent by presenting your Shuei Wu VIP card, with a maximum of three hours.
  • Is there a minimum order at your restaurants?
    • Shuei Wu - Chongde RestaurantNTD 150/person
    • Shueiwu Inaba Japanese CuisineNTD 500/person
    • Orient Dragon Restaurant NTD 250/person
  • What is the seating capacity in each restaurant?
    • Shuei Wu - Chongde Restaurant350 seats
    • Shueiwu Inaba Japanese Cuisine100 seats
    • Orient Dragon Restaurant 200 seats
  • Is unlimited internet access available?
    Free Wi-Fi service is offered at our restaurants.
  • Can I make a table reservation?
    Please make your reservation online or by phone.
    Reservation line:
    Shuei Wu (Water Dance) Chongde Restaurant: 04-2236-8989
    Shuei Wu Inaba Japanese Cuisine: 04-2255-9199
    Orient Dragon Restaurant: 04-2252-3366
    Online reservations can be made via the official website of each restaurant.
  • Are meals and dishes served at Shuei Wu (Water Dance) Restaurants made with prepared food packs?
    The meals and dishes served at Shuei Wu (Water Dance) Restaurants are meticulously prepared by our master chefs on-site every day. The menus are regularly updated according to the season to satisfy your taste buds which longs to try something new.
  • Do you take credit cards?
    Yes, we do. VISA, MasterCard, Citizen Travel Card and American Express are all acceptable.
  • Is it a special store of Citizen Travel Card?
    Yes, we are. You are welcome to make purchases using a Citizen Travel Card at our restaurants.