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【Q&A】SW VIP card
  • What is Shuei Wu VIP card?
    1. “Shuei Wu VIP card” is an exclusive discount card issued by the Shuei Wu business system. In-store discounts can be enjoyed by presenting the card within the valid period.
    2. Join the “Shuei Wu” Official LINE ID:@swmall and receive your welcome gift, birthday gift and exclusive offers by presenting your card.
    3. Shuei Wu card the validity period is mainly based on the notes on the card, and expires are invalid.
    Notices :
    1. The preferential offers offered with the “Shuei Wu VIP card” cannot be used with other promotions (events, vouchers, coupons, tickets, gift certificates and etc.)
    2. “Shuei Wu VIP card” is not applicable to: “hotel” charges for late checkout, extra persons, beds and toiletries, or meal collection.
    3. “Shuei Wu VIP card” is issued anonymously. Please always keep your card in a safe place as no compensation or reporting of lost payment can be claimed if the card is lost, stolen, damaged or accessed by a third party.
    4. Shuei Wu business group reserves the right to explain, modify and terminate all of the terms of service and marketing programs of this card.
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