Shuei Wu SWMALL Enterprise Group

  • Shuei Wu Villa

    Located in Liming reconsolidated area nearby the 7th Redevelopment Zone, the most bustling and flourishing district of Taichung City,

  • Mulan Motel Taipei

    Mulan Motel Taipei has created a natural and romantic urban holiday getaway, and elaborately integrated the natural elements of “air, sun, and water” into the visual design of the “forest living space.”

  • Mulan Motel Taichung

    Mulan Motel Taichung is surrounded by deciduous cypresses as if it were built in a dense enchanted forest. The ingeniously designed creation of a “forest living space”

  • MODO The Forest Museum

    Originating from the chief’s love for the forest, a variety of trees have been meticulously planted, the thought of finding grounds for trees to take root was found and the intention of conserving the ecological environment of nature is ever in mind.

  • Shuei Wu - Chongde Restaurant

    A custom made generous space. Using light and shadow, water and plants to weave.The glamorous scene and diverse charm of the Asian garden landscape.

  • Home Soup Restaurant

    Rebuilt from a citrus storehouse, Home Soup Restaurant provides an interior and exterior space that can respectively accommodate up to 55 and 40 diners. A great variety of fresh vegetables, fruits and desserts are placed on the counter inside the restaurant, which gives the impression of a colorful farmers market in Europe.

  • MODO The Forest Museum

    A countryside surrounded by mountains and water A relaxed and joyful spot for meeting up or gathering with friends A soothing environment where your mind can be as unworldly as the floating clouds

  • Shuei Wu Community Family Fitness Center

    Are you still trying to get to a faraway place by plane or car for vacation? Taichung Shuei Wu Community Family Fitness Center is the best relaxation resort. The Company has spent NT$200 million on building a high-quality space.

  • Yue He Foot Massage Center

    How long has it been since you last took some time to relax? Shouldering a heavy physical and mental burden caused by long-term work pressure yet unable to find a place to find relief and completely relax your body, mind and soul…

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Minimalist Zen-style design, simple but elegant architectural aesthetics meshed with greenery. A city vacation the boasts a natural, romantic fantasy is elaborately created through the elements of green-life, sun, air and water. You are allowed to put aside the trivia, throw all restraint to the winds and immerse yourself in a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.