Shuei Wu SWMALL Enterprise Group


  • 1997
    Conty’s Motel was officially renamed Li Ti Motel in 2003
  • 1999
    Li Jing Motel
  • 2000
    The original Wenxin Shuei Wu (Water Dance) Restaurant sparks a new revolution in the cold beverage market in Taichung. Li Hsin Motel, the pioneer that breaks through the traditions and moves towards quality interior design.
  • 2001
    Shuei Wu (Water Dance) Restaurant Zhonggang branch
  • 2002
    Sunshine Motel sets a new standard for boutique motels in central Taiwan.
  • 2003
    Shuei Wu (Water Dance) Restaurant Chongde branch, the leading representative of tea food culture. The spacious interior, a wide variety of refreshments and drinks, oriental garden landscaping, artworks displayed everywhere, and a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere that starts the trend and custom of tea sampling in Taichung City.
  • 2004
    Shuei Wu Ku Kuan Hot Spring Resort, the new indicator of Guguan hot springs area, enables Shuei Wu SWMALL Enterprise Group to make significant strides in the leisure and tourism industry.
  • 2005
    Shuei Wu Community Family Fitness Center finds an urban jungle for fitness and sports for consumers in the Taichung metropolitan area. Mulan Motel Taichung, the premium resort-style villa in Taichung is a bombshell for its peers.
  • 2006
    Shuei Wu (Water Dance) Restaurant Huizhong branch, where water flows to the east as we contemplate with ease. Shuei Wu (Water Dance) Restaurant Dongshan branch (franchisee)
  • 2007
    Orient Dragon Restaurant – Contemporary Chinese Cuisine of Authentic Traditional Flavor, conquers and satisfies all taste buds by serving creative Taiwanese dishes. Yue He Foot Massage Center Gongyi club provides an incredible stress relieving space for consumers in the Taichung metropolitan area. Shuei Wu online shopping, where easy and efficient purchases can be made with great enjoyment and allows all Shuei Wu fans to shop online at any time to gain the most convenient and extra special offers.
  • 2009
    Hiding in the urban forest of Greater Taipei, Mulan Motel Taipei is the lead that introduces the trend of luxurious enjoyment and fashion accompanied by its private, cozy accommodation experience. Creative Chinese cuisine is served at Shuei Wu (Water Dance) Restaurant Dazhi branch to bring novel catering experiences to consumers in the north.
  • 2010
    Yue He Foot Massage Center Dadun club, successfully relaunched. Shuei Wu (Water Dance) Restaurant Dunnan branch enters the department store for the first time, with delicacies and a new style of foods created.
  • 2012
    Renamed Shuei Wu (Water Dance) Restaurant Maple Garden branch in 2017, Maple Garden @ happy Shuei Wu (Water Dance). com is a green and tranquil portal inside the concrete jungle.
  • 2015
    Shuei Wu Inaba Japanese Cuisine, formed by instant art and pure simplicity, invites you to take a seat for exquisite dining.
  • 2015
    Shuei Wu Villa, a distinctive view and inn is created based on the idea of an Urban Villa.
  • 2016
    Visit Modo Luxurious Countryside Resort to experience native culture and enjoy the pleasure of high-end camping with ease.